Tuesday, October 27, 2009

El Da Sensei _ The Returners - Ain_t Trippin_ _Feat. Ghettosocks _ Timbuktu_ _Clean_.mp3

!EXCLUSIVE EXCLUSIVE!! Just got this in my mailbox from Michal Chwialkowski (The Returners), and shit is too hard, so why not posting it!! This is in my top 10 tracks of 2009! El Da Sensei from The Artifacts teamed up one year ago with Polish production team The Returners for making an album called "Global Takeover". No misstep, it was surprisingly an underground hit. Now one year later we can tell that El Da Sensei still loves the European flavor by releasing a new EP with The Returners. Check out promo video

 El Da Sensei _ The Returners - Ain_t Trippin_ _Feat. Ghettosocks _ Timbuktu_ _Clean_.mp3

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Natural Four Try love again

Try Love Again is a lovely mid-tempo soul tune that appears onThe Natural Four's self-titled album. The song is arranged and produced by Leroy Hutson. It was released by Curtom Recordsin 1974.  A shorter version of the song appears on the flipside ofCan This Be Real. The album is full of quality tunes but for some reason it wasn't commercially successful back in the day and it's hard to find these days. Well, the 7" is easier and cheaper to obtain.
 Try Love Again.mp3